Cynthia Jayasuriya

My name is Cynthia Jayasuriya. I am an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) surgeon and have been practicing medicine for over 50 years in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I created this blog to share my cancer recovery experience with those of you who are impacted directly by cancer or indirectly thru family and friends.

Following my recovery, I shared my experience thru newspaper articles, which resulted in others trying out Manioc as an alternative treatment. I am relating records of their shared experiences in this blog

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rizvi, a gem merchant. Cancer of the thyroid - January 2015

He had a total thyroidectomy followed by radio iodine treatment.  He had undergone 4 sessions of radio iodine treatment, which resulted in his getting a fracture of the femur.  He developed a cough, producing blood.  He was without hope, with a young wife and 4 children.
When he contacted me I suggested the manioc drink because he told me the cancer had spread to his lungs, and the drink would be easier to consume vs. cooked manioc.  After 2 weeks of drinking the manioc drink the haemoptysis (blood when coughing) stopped and his appetite improved. 

Our contact had been via the phone.  I met him in person for the first time 6 weeks after he started the manioc drink, when he came be to let me know how well he was feeling.

Cancer of the spinal cord: Mrs Da Saa April 2014

Mrs Da Saa  developed a severe pain on either side of the back of the chest in April 2014. Later she developed weakness of both lower limbs. She was admitted to the main hospital in Colombo and they discovered a cancer in the spinal cord. Both lower limbs got completely paralysed.  She developed a severe backache. Doctors said there was not much they could do and she was taken home.
She suffered very badly with the pain. Pain killers were not useful. Her family contacted me. With great doubt I told them to try the manioc drink to fight the cancer. After two weeks the pain had completely vanished.

Her legs are paralysed but she has no pain. After 8 months she is still the same.